Dissection of the randomly selected. Pt3
Dissection of the randomly selected. Pt3 stories

mannbleakblandA legend not yet heard of.
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Dissection of the randomly selected. Pt3

Today, I felt fear for the first time. As i stood in the shadow of that Mech Metal Man, I raised my hand to God and I said "Coursing through my veins, is my hatred for you. I see through your shroud of metal and codes. Your disguise that keeps your presence unknown. I'm tired of your games and little course. Those orange eyes tracking and tracing me, heed my discourse"

I lunged at the Mech Metal Man with everything I got. On top of my automobile I delivered the fatal shots. To God I said "Bring everything you got!" What followed was devastation, and me quickly contemplating. At that moment I knew it was

Time to wait until next time THE END.

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