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Us on our minds

-I’ve thought about it for a while

-What it would be like

-Although the thought of us never really seemed to appear on my mind

-You told me you cared

-You even tried to take me out

-I tried to make myself go but I just couldn’t accept to feel alone

-You said you understand because you’ve been dealing with things of your own

-We kept in touch but my mind was already somewhere else

-While you were over there with a stare I was over here with fear

-Nothing had ever gotten serious because no one really gave me that feel

-The last time I had made myself feel like he hadn’t just broken my mind

-And I just don’t know how it happened but the universe moved and our paths crossed like they never felt weird

-After a little you made me feel spirited and that’s when the thought of us had finally crossed my mind

-I thought about the time you tried to take me out and brought it back into our minds

-Although I didn’t know what to say when you said you were still trying to let go

-You mentioned how didn’t want to hurt me but then I didn’t know if I should wait for something

-I’m still going through something but you were what I thought the little joy brought into my life

-I thought if you really truly cared because it looked like I always left your mind

-I tried understanding why but I can’t figure it so for now it’s bests that we give each other some rest and I just want to say goodbye

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