Virtuoso pt.2


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When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity her mother seeks the help of an exorcist to save her daughter

Virtuoso pt.2

After the poor girls situation reaches crisis proportion, she has to be tied to her bed

Swears like a sailor and speaks in tongues

After a long time of research about her case the priest comes to the conclusion that an exorcism is necessary

After her parents left the house for their safety the priest gets ready to meet the devil face to face

After hours of trying to exorcise the demon out of the girls body the priest realizes he’s not strong enough and that’s when he asks help from his fellow priest

As soon as the other priest walks in she immediately begins with string of obscenities

The two priests immediately start reciting the ritual of exorcism

The girl manifests strange phenomena such as levitation, telekinesis, an abnormally long tongue and strange vomiting

She constantly curses the priests and emits evil laughter and verbal abuse

Part 3 coming soon

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