Death’s a Gentleman
Death’s a Gentleman sad stories

mandira Poet
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Here I laid in my sick bed

Death’s a Gentleman

Here I laid in my sick bed As He walked across. Pale bloodless skin Cherry red lips With a pair of Pitch-black marbles.

Is it weird of me to say “yes” ? Though deep down I knew That dust was the end . He stood there patiently Waiting for me How could I say no When he behaves so gentlemanly

My previous lover Life Knocked me down Brought me on to my knees Made my loved ones pray. While I here shamelessly Accepted him repeatedly

Neither a drop of tear Nor sympathy That I saw in Death’s eyes. My heart sank for him. Maybe it’s time To give up on Life

They say Death is An ugly truth While Life is A beautiful lie. Yet, for me Death was A beautiful fantasy While Life was A murderous torture.

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