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I had a major anxiety attack today, I cried for hours. In the end I decided to let it all flow. I know it's not perfect grammatically and structurally (Eng is not my first language), it was written at the peak of the attack.

Dear Anxiety ...

Please go away,

it's too much for my brain.

Please go away,

my heart's on the verge

of exploding.

The smog is filling up my lungs,

paralyzing my thoughts.

There's no place for the sun,

no more,

only petrifying things

ought to exist.

Please go away,

I heard it all before,

and I know you're wrong,

so why do you always

try to win?

Why do you try to damage me,

all I want to be is me

and to you that's something

that must not exist.

Why do you weaken my mind

and make me feel like I don't matter?

Please go away,

I don't want to think

about your goal,

because it hurts too much.

You're the one that doesn't

belong here.

You're the one who

must not have a saying.

You're the one who

doesn't matter.

You're the one who

everyone despises.

You're the one that is scared,

because you're losing power

over me,

so you try to sneak in everytime

I let my guard off.

Please go away,

you're place is not here.

You can say,

how I don't deserve anyone,

You can tell me,

how I'm nothing but

a weak pitiful shit.

When I finally learn,

how to get rid of you,

you're done.

Please go away,

you always slip through

my powerful facade

and try to hurt the ones I love.

I pity you,

that you have to be this way.

I pity you,

for your cruelty and monstrosity.

But you live in me,

you're the part of who I am.

Someday when I learn

how to handle you,

I can't wait for us to say goodbye,

as friends and not as enemies anymore.

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