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Is there such a thing as being a good parent or are we all chasing the dream?

Chasing the dream!

Being a parent is the toughest job out there, your life will change forever, and you are no longer in control of your time are the most cliche statements you can hear before you have kids.

The statements that seem offensive and not true until the moment you actually have a child. The life, then, changes once and forever.

Don’t take me wrong, I love children and the support to that statement is the fact that I have three.

But the truth is still the truth, the job is tough, your life is changed forever and you have no control over your time even if your managerial skills are top notch.

So the question is how do you become a good parent while having one (sometimes two) tough jobs while everything you are used to from the time you remember yourself changed while being not

in control of your time in a sense that the sleepless nights and unexpected sicknesses leave little room for the control? Is there such thing as a good parent? Or is that an illusion?

Are we all in the race that is impossible to complete as obstacles we meet on our ways are too complex? Who do we call a good parent? How do we measure the “goodness”?

As I mentioned above, I have three kids. All three are smart and cute while all three are very different from each other even though all three share the same wonderful parents.

Have you ever felt that you have no time for anything or that you need two more hours a day to finish it all? Well, I feel like it daily.

The days are too short and the nights are often sleepless, the life becomes a circle and you are desperately trying to come out of it.

The vacations are the moments when you come out but the vacations with kids are just a continuation of the circle. The getaways alone become guilt trips as the kids are left behind.

So what is the balance every parent is seeking for? And, is there one?

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