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Alice fell down the rabbit hole on May 4th, 1865

~Flash Warning~

Alice and Hatter

He tells me to be Alice as he’s the Hatter, Telling me it’ll fade all of the chatter,

I nod and grab the candy in hand, Making the land not be so bland,

Caterpillars begin to make rings, Wilting any future wings,

The garden croons, before being pruned

Tweedle Dee and Dum are strung up and hung,

While the Red Queen grabs a stick, taking a swing and a swung,

We jump up, down, swinging our arms all around, Singing as we rip off the surgical gowns,

The queen squeals when we escape, Causing me to kneel and shake, He pats my back, giving it a loud smack

“Hey now what’s up in your head?”, A wolf like smirk was all that’s said,

His eyes go wide with fear and sorrow, He should’ve known what I had borrowed,

A silver flash is seen, As he lets out a girly scream,

I see the Mad Hatter with his head on a platter,

His eyes glassy and dark, With a faint screaming bark I recall his words before the drug, Warning me of what’s to come,

“I’m mad, you’re mad, we’re all mad here, but first everyone needs to disappear.

I can’t bear to look and suddenly feel shook, I realize what had been the matter,

For he was Alice, and I, was the Hatter

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