The God business
The God business god stories

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Mixed it up.

The God business

Never-ending bliss With nothing to miss;

Ever-lasting war With no end or par.

The choice is made quick Twixt stasis and wick,

Between godly just And impending rust.

Ideologies Need apologies

That outlast battle's Fugacious rattles.

The stick's necessary From Rome to Paris

But Eden's carrots Are worth more carats

In the simple eyes Of the man who dies

In each fief and hearth Of that wretched Earth

To replace a faith That makes him a wraith

Unless he passes Covered in axes.

Pan's advertising Sells more, casts more zing

Than Valhalla will Ever to the ill,

And the Holy Church Knew well to make merch

Of ancient fests With its brand and breasts

To tempt all alike Into its swell Reich.

Televangelists Are the analysts

Of God's market plans; They manage His fans.

The atheist bunch Has not one sound hunch:

You need never prove; Only self-improve

To get your ticket To the great thicket

Above, in the sky, And remain there high

With nothing to patch: No strings and no catch.

Just show your dollars To Yahweh's scholars

And your paradise Awaits, at their price.

As today, Bacchus, Jesus is business.

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