A waif bears witness
A waif bears witness court stories

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Ex. 22:22

A waif bears witness

I had been cast out of the orphanage and into the forest. One found me and took me to the table of the fairies. There were no spoons. It was like a thousand restaurants.

They asked me if I wanted to stay with them in their kingdom. I said yes. They showered me with flowers and love and took me to their minister, who showered me with his love, too.

I ate beige bread and drank white wine. They set me out to save more strays and bring them in before the end. I was to appear discrete.

I would knock on trees and see what came down, most often silence or nonacceptance. They told me everything. Their chief chase is on the tell by the dam.

They have other sites all around the woods, I remember some, I can tell later. I was thoroughly warned about things that ended up not happening.

I once met a child who insisted I go to their table, which I did. There were spoons. ‘There should be spoons’, he told me, and I told the minister, who had me banished with extreme prejudice.

Yes, I have been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me mister.

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