Magic happens sometimes in our life too
Magic  happens sometimes in our life too  magic stories

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Sometimes magic happens in life

Magic happens sometimes in our life too

A girl named malli (means jasmine) , studied B.E in an college and she is from middle class family

Her parent's thought that their life will be beautiful once she got a job , they don't have that much money but still they do lot of work for her to study

Malli also studied well

The days goes, and this is last semester for her in college.

There will be lot of companies visit to the college for campus interview and malli also attended the interviews but she didn't get a job.

She flet very sad and her parent's also very sad about this.

But still she tried her best and one day there is an announcement in college , " Today, last comapany is visiting in your college and after this no more campus interview is conducted"

After malli heated this, she afraid a lot and but still she have a hope and attended the interview

Her hope wins , she get a job and company ask her join immediately.

She felt so happy and feeling like she is an heaven. She also informed her parent's and they also felt very happy

At that malli told her parent's " she need to go to city to join company " they remembered there in one relative in that city

So both malli and her parent's travelled to that city and her parent's left her in their relatives home and returned back to native.

But malli is not at all happy , her relatives is not treat her well.

They gave her left over foods to eat , and ask her to wash all the clothes in the home, ordered her to take care of their children in their home..

malli do all these work and went to work by walking.

She came alone in the late night by walking no one is came to her pickup

Once she reaches home she need to do all the works

Happiness for malli is talking to her parent's and friends in office.

And also malli's parents did not know what happens in their relatives home to her daughter. Malli also didn't told to them since she is not interested to break their happiness


The days goes , malli's relatives told her " you should not talk to your parents"

She became angry but she didn't show to them. And decided to stays in hostel with her friends

She told to her parents that she wish to stay in hostel so please come here. Parent's also arrived to their relatives home

Both malli and her parent's are walking to the hostel but her parent's don't have enough money to pay hostel rent and advance amount. Malli salary also not credited.

But still they have some hope

Her parent's also ask money to other relatives but they also not ready to give them. Her parent's lost hope and going to reach hostel at that time





There is message received to malli's mobile , after read that message both malli and her parent's felt so happy and she joined in hostel.

What is that message ?

Her salary got credited and leftover deposit amount form her college hostel credited to her bank account.

Moral of the story

God will help always

Don't lose hope

Life is beautiful love the life

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