Crush or Love ? (6)
Crush or Love ? (6) love stories

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Yes it's loveee....... He too proposed him .....but ....sad

Crush or Love ? (6)

Her thoughts made him cry, then he realised how she is in her heart, how she treat him


Every seconds of her thought ....make him realise how she is meant to him, and the love inside him.

And that love breaks his thoughts about the commitment , breaks his ego, ..ofcourse that love explores....

One thing constantly runs in his mind, she is my life, I am unable to live without, I won't waste a single second of my life....and the tears rolled out from his eyes ...

He reaches the hospital but she is not hospital , one person told him , the girl who you have searched now in the mall nearby..

But there is multiple malls there nearby, ....he search everywhere ..

Finally found her , she sat in one of the restaurant in the mall.

He went and sat near her and hold her hand and told..

Can I say something?

She: what ?(smiles silently but not showed to him)

He: don't leave me alone, come with me not only now but the entire life

She: Tears came out of her eyes with the happiness and she hugged him

Which is tight hug ,and continues 5 minutes

Wait wait,.....then , who called to him ?


After she fought with him , she went to home...she is not attend his calls ..but she unable to forgot him ...even she unable to take from her mind for a single second..

One of her friends notices her and asked....she told everything

And that news reaches all of their friends....

All of them , think and came to this idea..


Finally , their plan succeed,

And her love too....but onething came to her mind... her parents won't accept it...

She told him...I love you a lot and I love my parents too..

Both of them talks and went to the parks which they first meet...

Suddenly both of their parents came to park..and hugged their respective son and daughter ..

And told we accept your love ...

Both of them shocked and asked how..

One voice came from behind ....

None other than their friends...

They convinced both of the parents ..they shoot the videos ..of her love..feelings..tears ..and love of parents ...and show to them ...

Both of their parents convinced ...

Finally , all done .....they get married and lived happily..


There is a reason of every person we meet ...

Love can break ego ...but don't let your ego wins may cause lose of lovely people

Thank you with love

Thank to the readers , and tell me about your views ...thanks to the owner of the photos

All parts of the story link given in the comment section ..check it out

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