That was terrible night , continous rain 🌧️🌧️🌧️ with thunderstorm. No one is able to stand in that rain. Ambulance is crossed fast in the road so fast to reach the hospital
Buried desires angel stories

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Buried desires of angel .

That was terrible night , continous rain 🌧️🌧️🌧️ with thunderstorm. No one is able to stand in that rain. Ambulance is crossed fast in the road so fast to reach the hospital

Inside the ambulance , women screamed during perganacy pain Ambulance reached the hospital Admiitted the women , a girl baby is borned to that women

Doctor's told everyone that a girl baby borned but we are unable to save the mother Since it's a girl baby , the relatives not ready to accept that and left Rain is stopped outside

Baby is crying continuously, Ambulance driver saw that baby, she hold his hand He looks baby 😍 He told that doctor , I don't have anyone in my life , I will raise her as my daughter

Doctor accepted, Driver took the baby to his home , and he named her as angel Years passed , intially he struggles to raise angel, he learnt and raise angel Angel has grown up

From the childhood, angel has lot of wishes She wished to travel the whole world, she wished to learn paino, she wished to learn other languages ..and so on

But none of her wishes are done, since his father has less income and that income has spent for their daily life and angel's study. He unable to save that money. So angel wishes are piled up

Angel completed her studies , and started going to job Her income is 3 times more than his father income. Angel, asked him don't go to the job, since you are I'll nowadays, I willl take care of our famiy.

Intially , he rejected but after a continuous argument he has accepted . Angel's one of the main wish is buy a new home. Beacuse she lived in small house, and she sawed other houses and amenities in that house So she planned to do that first

She saved the money and bought a new house for them. And she started buy the amenities for the house She feels like stand in her own legs

Meanwhile, angel's father started searching groom for her . Both angel and her father plans are going well Angel's father found one groom for her Groom's family also like angel

As per angel's father wish , she accepted that alliance. One night, continuous rain with thunderstorm Inside the house, there is huge argument is going on between , angel and her father

An hour before, angel talking to the groom in the phone Groom told to angel that don't go to work after the marriage. I wish you to stay in home and take care of my family and me.. I willl take care of the financial of the family Angel told him , I willl call later father came to home

This is the reason for the fight between angel and her father. Angel doesn't wish to quit the job because of marriage Angel's father told her, after marriage , I am not the person who decides your work, they have the responsibility to your work

If they wish to quit your job , you have to obey that . Angel is not accepting, my job is my wish.... Like that argument is going on ... At the final level, her father told her , if you are born from my blood you can accept my word

But you are adopted child right, that's why you are not accepting. This statement become thunderstorm for angel Angel started crying and the rain stopped

Two days passed, angel accepted her father wish and groom wish But inside she is dying She thought that, I may have died by then with my mom Her wishes again buried in her heart

Moral of the story: Work is not only for financial and its rights for women. You can't stop women to go work because of marriage . That's her wish

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