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Born to walk this land they see a man

Majestic Creatures

Born to walk this land

they see a man

with a gun in his hand

he squeezes the trigger

The animal is dead

Now he has a trophy to go over his head.

The tigers are few

there’s not many left

it sees a man with a gun

could this be his last breath.

The poachers run riot

and kill as they please

from lions and tigers

to apes in the trees.

The trophy hunters come

and pay for their game

a one sided battle

they hunt without shame.

An arrow from a bow

a bullet from a gun

a bolt from a crossbow

they have nowhere to run.

He pays for his trophy

he watches it fall

just so he can have

its head hung on his wall.

The wolves are now hunted

by men who call this fun

these defenceless creatures

shot dead by a man with a gun.

Take a a step back

and listen to their song

think how this can be

in a world that’s gone wrong.

Badgers and foxes

they must die too

in another country

by a different set of rules

hunted by bastards

on horseback with dogs

chased in the country

through marshes and bogs.

Badgers are hunted

they are full of disease

or so the man says

so he can kill them with ease.

Sharks are slaughtered

Wales and Dolphins too

without these in the oceans

it will be so blue.

Bears are hunted

so you can have a coat

will it make you feel warm

knowing he died with a chain around his throat.

Now take a step back

and look at what’s been done

without all these creatures

life won’t be much fun.

Take a step back

and feel the cold breeze

but you can’t see the forest

for staring at the trees.

The world without wildlife

won’t be any good

the only animals you see

will be carved out of wood.

Stand up for the animals

and listen to their cries

because it’s now up to us

to help save all their lives.


Mal Bailey

Copyright 2017

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