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A Mental illness It's hard to describe

A Mental illness...

A Mental illness

It's hard to describe

This pain in your head

That eats you alive.

You sit and wonder

And start to think

Without any warning

You start to sink.

Sitting all alone

Inside your brain

No-one to talk to

In your own world of pain.

Potions, pills

And medicine bills

In a world of madness

Without any thrills.

This pain in my head

That won't go away

Is a constant struggle

Day after day.

The Doctor's can't fix it

And neither the pills

It's a mental illness

That lots of the time kills.

In a world of depression

Folk don't have a clue

Why your being like this

There's nothing wrong, with you.

You torture yourself

In a world of your own pain

This Invisible illness

That's hurting your brain.

The key to the problem

Resides within you

Find someone to talk to

Who will listen when your blue.

Don't sit in silence

In your own world of pain

With this mental illness

That eats away at your brain.

There are people out there

Willing to help you

I've been through this pain

So know this is true.

It's time to stand up

In your own world of pain

Fight this mental illness

Take back control of your brain.

It's not as easy

As most people think

Just keep pushing forward

Don't let yourself sink.

The road to recovery

Lies within you

A happy life ahead

You've got to push through.

Fight this mental illness

Inside of your brain

Reach out for the help

To kick away this pain

There's a happy life ahead

Get off the

Crazy Train....


Mal Bailey 2018

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