John Willow and the 8 Worlds
John Willow and the 8 Worlds stories

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What happens when the wild west mixes with aliens and cybermen. Join John Willow in his adventures to discover his origin, and if Professor Willow is truly who he claims to be

John Willow and the 8 Worlds

The vast red oasis stretchs out before John. In the distance, he spots a town cloacked in darkness. It was spreading faster than he thought it would.

A slight gust of wind, catchs him by surprise and he grabs the saddle of his 8 legged black animal.

It releases a sound of protest, but John is able to calm it down, with a brief tough of its long mane. He gathers his thoughts and settles on the creature, who he named Starluck.

He wears the black hoodie over his dusty blonde hair, and heads toward the almost deserted town.

The town seemed to be almost cleared out, except for a few stray animals, and small families, of child and one parent, who is either sick or works.

John sees a crowd of outsiders who he recognises as bounty hunters. He gets closer so he can see what they are looking at. It seems it is a wanted poster.

His frown deepens when he realizes who the face belonged to. They are charging a very large sum for the capture. He makes his way out of the town, without anyone knowing he entered.

It wasn't long when John and his fellow comrades destroyed the whole western region. He was created, born and trained for that purpose, by the leader of the rebellion, Professor Willow.

John bears the last name Willow, too, but just so there are no complications. John remembers the memories from inside the artificial womb. Waiting patiently for his release.

Being fed with inputted information and raw data, by his master.

He has been the first ever computerized human in the whole of his planet, but Professor Willow keeps it as a secret, even from his own people.

No one really knows where the Professor came from, but all John knows is that he has done great wonders in his time

Professor Willows location is supposed to be secret, but spies have their ways of gathering information and escaping traps.

Most of them are killed by Johns trusted shotgun, but some are still able to pass him when he is not watching. So he guesses it is partially his fault.

He was built for stealth, strenght, trickery and diseption, but it is not like Professor would care either way.

He has always treated John like a human son from when he was born out of the artificial womb, and John was very thankful for that honor. Most of the kids that surrounded him, where well... not very nice. They treated John like an alien, a scum bag, when they saw he was different, even though they didn't know his true form.

They just all had a very bad feeling, but John understood why; but when the Professor treats him normally he cant help but be grateful. John was brought to the western region barracks at the age of 10 as a secret weapon to destroying the region. They weren't doing so well at the time, so they needed something to blow them out of their shoes, so they created John.

When they successfully destroyed the whole region, John and his comrades were considered as outcasts and fugitives. They had to seperate, find new lives.

At the age of 18 then, John couldn't really think for himself, so he just sticked with the Professor. --------------------------------------

His animal companion lets out a small shallow breath, showing that they were close to home.

John looks over the purple sunset and gazes at the rising of the 3 square shaped moons in the south, giving the sky a slight greenish purple colour.

The grey clouds float around in clusters forming shapes of no meaning.

Underneath the dazzling sunset which he watches every night when he has nothing to do, the sand turns into the colour of a sapphire, and stretchs far, while also moving in a mesmerising,

symmetrical motion around a building in the center of it all. If not very observant you would walk past the building, not even acknowledging its existence.

That was one of Professor Willows plans, as the buildings layout, to avoid any curious eyes.The building is large, and looks like it is breaking apart.

It has weird attachments, that defy the law of gravity, and colours that should never be put together. The house bent in ways that a mere simpleton could not comprehend.

The blue sand crunches under the pressure of Johns high brown leather cowboy boots. Immediately, the whole valley started to shake. A creature slowly rises from the sand.

It had 8 sharp glass legs, that were pointed at the end. 10 large, spherical eyes, analyzing its prey. Its mouth were fixed with menencing teeth that came out of its mouth in a smooth arc.

It was in the right position, for the remaining light from the setting sun, reflected on its humongous glassy like body, displaying a spectacular array of colours, that Professor described as rainbow,

but inside a monster. These are one of the things only a few would be able to see, and ofcoarse die after.

Its massive eyes move around in its eye sockets and tries to identify John.

It lowers its head until one of its eyes which are the same height as John, who is 6 foot 11, so its eyes are scaringly big.

John stares back at the creatures bulging pupil, that seemed to be glowing in a reddish tint.

John places his hand on the creatures body, not surprised as to how warm it felt, and how it felt as hard as steel. It opens it mouth and a long 3 forked black tongue, that smelled like mint, appears.

It comes in contact with Johns whole body, licking him from head to toe, with its sand paper like tongue.

John would have preffered it to have a wet tongue, than a dry one, because it gives him burns all over. The fire breath doesn't really help either.

John remembers when the Professor brought the egg, when he was 5. He said he got the specimen from another planet in another dimension.

The Professor was fascinated by the animal, so he took one for himself for experimenting purposes. He said the creature was a "spyder".

After the Professor did his experimenting, that John was never allowed to see, he brought back the egg bigger than how it was before. The size was as big as his head.

The Professor said that they were going to be good friends. Well...., they were friends as far as friends could get.

They did alot of miscivious things when the Professor wasnt looking, and they always had a great time, until he was getting to big and they needed him to go outside.

When the assassins and unwanted bandits started annoying the hell out of us, they set him on guard duty.

John was closest to the spider mutation more than the other mutations that Professor Willow had created like Starluck, whose a mutant of a "horse".

"Can I get over to the house now" John said in a playful tone. Immediately the sand turns hard. John pats starluck on the back, signalling him to follow.


A few days ago Professor Willow said "Sooner than you think, I will not be with you. We will be separated horrifically, and you will be sent of to different places.

Places that cannot relate with each other.

" He grabbed John by the shoulders, and for the first time in his life he stared straight into Johns crimson eyes with his lavender eyes,

and looked serious "You will meet people that will help you in your mission. Your fate is undeniable."

"Ummm" John responded a little flustered, because the Professor woke him in the middle of the night, and John was completely confused"....What?"

"You are not the only one John. There are other specifically 2 who are really going to change you, and another 3 who maybe related to you, and 8 more-but that doesn't matter right now-all you need to know is that you should always trust me.

No matter how crazy or insane I sound like right now" He screamed , he seemed to be in a hurry, but all I got from that conversation, was that something bad is going to happen. When John saw those bounty hunters, he guessed that is what the Professor meant.

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