Little pleasures for little people

Little pleasures for little people stories

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Interesting how small accomplishments make kids happy

Little pleasures for little people

She was sitting on the floor while wearing her sneakers. She was trying her best to tie the laces.

Her mother offered to help her, she told her she is old enough to do it on her own.

Focusing hard on the task to prove herself right, her eyes shone with dedication, challenge and then satisfaction when she saw a beautiful tight knot that she made by herself for herself.

It’s now the time for the other foot, “It should be easy”, she was thinking.

She tried to repeat the same steps as earlier, then held the laces for the final rewarding knot and a smile of pride and confidence was put on her face.

now she is mastering the skill of tying shoes.

Stood up, with her head held high, she opened the door and went with her little puppy for their first stroll alone in the neighborhood.

Oh! I forgot to mention that she has also mastered the skill of taking care of a dog.

She was walking on the sidewalk with steady steps, the smile is still there on her innocent face. Seems like smiles know if they’re fake, true or heartily true.

That smile found her face a welcoming place to spend a little while, it was maybe hoping to stay a little longer than usual.

Now she is facing the park, the park that is on the other side of the street. She searched for the pedestrian crossing. “Oh! There it is. Come on little puppy, follow me”.

She looked left and then right, the road was empty.

She crossed the street with fast steps, she made sure that she was only stepping on the white strips, it seemed safer, and then she made a little discrete jump on the sidewalk.

“We made it to the park all by ourselves little puppy, aren’t you happy?”

Yes, Proud means Happy for kids, Safe means Happy for kids, Trustworthy means Happy for kids.

And that smile remained there for the whole day.

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