My attempt of a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #3
My attempt of a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #3 the hunger games stories

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My attempt of a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #3

I woke to footsteps. Someone was obviously running.I grabbed my scythe. I could see a kid with curly hair. I remember it's the other kid from district 9. He just runs past me. I have a feeling hes being chased. I get up and crouch down in my root cave. The two girls from district 8. I wasnt expecting them but what difference does it make who it is, I think.

I wait for them to pass and then I crawl out of the cave. I make sure to grab the knives and slip them in my belt. I sprint after them, not being quite but not being too loud either. The littler girl runs after the curly hair kid. Leo is his name I think. The taller girl turns to face me. I run up to her side, and duck as she fires an arrow at me. I swing my scythe at her leg bug she

swats it away with the end of her bow. We circle eachother as I hear a scream. We engage in an intence fight. I finally hook her bow and use that to pull her onto her knees. I start to pull a knife, when she sweeps my legs. I intinctivly roll to my stomach and start to get up. I turn to face her and swing my scythe as she comes at me again. I catch her arm with

my swing and can see blood drip to the ground. I hear the cannon finally for Leo. and then I run. I run while they both chase me. They are deffinitly hunters. I have a plan though. I climb a tree quick and easy. I start jumping from tree to tree untill I lose them. I circle back to my cave. I grab my stuff and move out, pushing to the end of the arena. I relize I

only got about an hour of sleep. I hear the anthem begin to play and look at the prejections in the sky as I move forward. I see both kids from district 9. I see the girl from 3. One of the kids from 7. Katie is also among the images. Will Solace is also projected in the sky. So thats 6 people down. I just keep moving forward.

To be continued...

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