My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #6
My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #6 pjo stories

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Hope you enjoy! (sorry its kinda late)

My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #6

A blonde girl comes stumbling through the woods torwards me. She is crying a lot. I can't believe it. It's Annabeth! We walk up to eachother and I embrace her in a hug. We stand there for a minute hugging. Then we remember we're in the arena. We immediatly stand back to back, watching out for attacks from all diretions.

I tell her my other idea with the house. Since its sure to be covered in all sorts of booby traps and land mines, I figured out a counter. We went to the fire I had started. We got a big branch off of a nearby tree. I stuck it halfway in the fire till it was burning really well. I tossed it next to the house, staying about 20 yards back. Of course it hit a land mine. It didn't hurt anyone though.

The house starts to burn. Occasionally parts of the house fall and set off landmines. "We should get out of here, till the fire dies down," I say. "Agreed", replied Annabeth. We walked slowly back to back torwards the end of the arena. After about an hour we sit down for "dinner". We eat my pack of beef jerky. We see some prejections in the sky.

Today theres both girls from district 10. The ones I killed. Thats going to bother me. I promise myself not to let it get to me untill I get out of the arena. There's one kid from 11, but not the one with the scar sadly. Both from 12. Definitly not supriseing. The prejections go blank. Then I hear running. Comeing straight for us. I jump to my feet. So does my sister.

I draw my scythe. Annabeth doesn't have any weapons so I toss her a knife. And the person keeps coming...

To be continued...

Thank you so much for reading! Stick around for part 7...

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