My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #5
My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #5 the hunger games stories

malcolm_pace Λοιπόν, γαμήσου!
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My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #5

After about 20 minutes I heard footsteps. They were obviously being cautious as they very well should be. Finally after about 10 minutes of silience the person comes into view. Its one of the scrawny kids from 10. I think her name is Drew? idk doesnt matter.I slowly climb down from my perch and advanced on her from behind.

I push her onto her stomach and take a knife and press it inbetween her shouldar blades. She grunts. "Where is your partner?" I ask. "I dont know we didnt team up," She said. "Ya right," I say as I dig the knife deeper. She lets out a little screech. "She's- she's back- there." She finnally says. "ok," I say. I want to kill her right there, but I know I must make it fair. I pull back

my knife and step away. "Get up," I say. She does. "Here," I hand her a knife and draw my another for me. 3, 2, 1, go. She stabs weakly. I grab her wrist, twist the blade out of her hand, and pull her past me. Now that Im behind her I easily slit her throat. She lets out a scream as she dies. I was really hopeing she would scream. That should attract the other tribute from 10.

I hide behind a tree as I hear footsteps. The other tribute from 10 walks right past me. I step up and stab her in between the back about 5 times really quick, to make it as painless as possible. I back up as a hover craft appears and snatches up their bodies. A cannon fires. Then I hear someone run torwards me crying. Im not expecting this. I raise a knife as I turn.

Thanks sooo much for reading! To be continued...

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