My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #2
My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #2 the hunger games stories

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My attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo crossover #2

I ran to the cornacoupia. I grabbed the first 2 bags. They would hold the least useful things, but I have a plan. Im not aiming to get the best things just something to aid me. I feel a hand on my back then I feel warmth on my neck. I turn around and see a the little kid from district 9 with a knife in his back.

As I look up, I see the kid with the scar on his face chargeing me with a sword. I rip the knife out of the little kids back and run with my bags. I easily out run the kid with the scar.

I hear several cannons as I run. I run torwards the woods with two things on my mind. One get to the end of the arena. Two team up with Annabeth as we agreed. I know she will be heading into the woods aswell so I just keep running. At nightfall I find a tree with a cluster of roots that stick out of the ground. It creates a cave like shelter.

I decide to crawl into it covering up any evidence of me entering. You can still see into it but its better than being in the open. Theres just a little light so I decide to check my packs and see what I have to work with.

In the first pack I find a pack of beef jerky. Not bad. 2 knives. a flashlight. Also not bad. In the second pack I find a sleeping bag. That will be extremely usefull. I unroll the sleeping bag and decide to try to get some sleep. As I crawl in I feel something poking me. Annoyed I crawl out and pull the object from the bag. I find in amazment that its a scythe.

Not a sword but still I can use it. I crawl back in my sleeping bag knowing that Im not in a bad situation.

To be continued...

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