My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo Crossover #7
My Attempt at a Hunger Games and  pjo Crossover #7 the hunger games stories

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I draw my scythe. Annabeth doesn't have any weapons so I toss her a kife. And the person keeps coming...

My Attempt at a Hunger Games and pjo Crossover #7

The person closes rapidly. He finally break through the bushes and come barreling straight torwards me. I realize its the scar face kid. Of course it is, I think. He runs up to me, and we engage in a fight. Scythe on a double edged sword. Annabeth comes up behind him, probably going to stab him. I can't worry about what shes going to do htough if i want to

keep us alive. Scar face, must have noticed her or something because he pushes me back and turns torwards her swinging his sword in a wide circle. Honestly, that was the stupidist thing I saw anyone do in the arena but, whatever. Annabeth ducks. Scar face is pretty offbalance from his desperate swing. Annabeth puts him in a choke hold. Uh-Oh I think. And that's

when she judo flipped him. Or tried anyway. He was much to big for her, so they ended up on the ground with Scar face on top. His back is turned to me, so I take my other knife, and jump on his back, as I dig the blade deep into his lower back. You would think that would make him stop fighting, but he managed to knock me off his back. Then he kicked

Annabeth in the jaw. After that he ran. Not like sprint ran but speed walking, or should I say speed limping? Anyways he got away. He was deeply wounded though. I settle down to sleep. Annabeth is on first watch since shes tending to her jaw. He never should have kicked her though. That's bad for both him and me. She greatly enhanced my vocabulary that

night. And she was dead set on killing Scar face. So I fell asleep listening to my sister curse like a sailor.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! To be continued...

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