Can The Earth Be A Star?

        Can The Earth Be A Star? poem stories
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A poem about something being taken away... but where is she writing it?

Can The Earth Be A Star?

With a swift movement, a contraband notebook in a cardigan; it should have been taken in for quite essential research on the end of the speaker of that garbled language.

The poet stared blankly at the aforementioned speaker, slimy eggshell-colored creature, as it entered the cell- walking on the floor that swung her around like a trampoline with pure ease. The difference in density startled her when she had first came aboard after leaving the cornfield.

It had come through a door comparable to a spiral shape on earth seemingly appeared out of nowhere that startled her out of her poem. She backed more into the unnaturally rubbery walls of her cell.

She may as well have been deaf- the words if he was saying anything at all just grumbled in her brain. But perhaps this one was more eloquent- since none of the others had made this much noise at her.

As it came closer, the door behind it shut, its three-fingered claw extended and pressed into the wall; a swirl similar to the door unveiled the blackness of the outside.

Millions of stars were barely visible however far away they were from Earth- it may as well have needed a pin to accurately locate what it was pointing at on the rather blank horizon as he made a motion to seemingly one star in particular.

Its claw moved and pointed back and forth to the poet to break the barrier of the differing worlds. Confusion turned to a peculiar interest in why he wanted to point out her home.

But nonetheless- she was indubitably grateful.

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