Lesbians at The End of a Sci-Fi Movie
Lesbians at The End of a Sci-Fi Movie  sciencefiction stories
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malarkey @B_malarkey_s {IG} πŸ‘ΎπŸ’ŽπŸ’ΏπŸŒˆ
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The title is self-explanatory!

This is an oldie but a goodie. ;)

Lesbians at The End of a Sci-Fi Movie

"RAMONA!" a bald purple alien named Meva yelled at the top of her lungs.

Ramona, who was standing at the mouth of the clave gazed over the horizon of the rising triple suns just as the planet she fought an evil dude on blew up from the inside out.

She saw Meva waiting for her on the platform of the hover machine used by the third member of their team Rowloe, the scientist helping them on their journey so the need for a trio can be fulfilled.

Mevas shiny black eyes watered as she waved to her explorer 'comrade'. She was three seconds away from going to get Ramona herself.

The human tumbled onto the platform after she had made a running leap. Good timing too- because the cave blew up behind her with the evil dude inside.

Rowloe the scientist- who was also an alien with neon blue hair- started the engine, frazzled, and sped away as the planet's crust began to crack and welter beneath them.

The explorer sat up on the platform, her vision a little blurry from the impact. Meva kneeled to greet her gratefully, holding her head of red hair close.

Ramona grabbed the front of the alien's white suit and kissed her- that being the only comprehensible thought she could muster.

"Hold the romance ladies! We need to get off this rock!" Rowloe called as he narrowly missed the brimstone of the planet, which sent the rather noodly-armed scientist staggering to the left.

Meva snapped out of her romantic trance, "we'll never make it off!" she stood at attention now to the growing heat from the magma being revealed below.

The human shook her head and stood, "not with that attitude," she marched up and shoved the scientist to the ground and took the helm- but he had no real complaints to that.

As she kicked the machine into the fastest setting, she had to make a sharp stop and turn to get away from jutting rock. Sending them drifting for a very cool looking shot as the heat from the planet's core warmed up the sleek white metal of the hover-machine.

"Where is Brineox meeting us!?" Ramona called, as she got them on a forward trajectory again, envisioning their ally whom she rather hated in his flying dumpster coming to retrieve them.

"I have no clue!" The scientist was holding on for dear life on the side of the machine. They carried on only little ways- before a deafening crack resonated through the entire planet's surface signaling it was done for.

This shit made the quadruple volcano on the Planet Youbeah look like a party popper.

Just as the hover-machine was beginning to fail due to overheating, and as sweat-slicked back Ramonas hair as she was running out of ground to cover- a familiar, clankity, rusted spaceship descended through the atmosphere.

The bottom opened up and Ramona sped toward the inside, but as she did she hit a piece of rock for that erupted out of nowhere that sent Meva flying off the back for a bit of extra drama.

The purple alien screamed, and Ramona let the wheel go, "take it!" The scientist scrambled and resumed his position.

Lucky for Ramona's sanity Meva was a quick thinker- she was able to reach to her utility belt and grab her rope and hook and kept herself tethered, just hanging below the platform. The heat from the planet making waves in both girl's visions.

With some struggle, they clasped hands finally. In all the galaxy nothing else mattered.

"Don't let me go."

"Don't let me go." "I love you too much."

"Don't let me go." "I love you too much." Ramona pulled Meva up as the hover machine came inside the bowels of the dank ship.

The scientist flopped onto his back, the ratchety spaceship flew away with its loud mismatched engines,

The scientist flopped onto his back, the ratchety spaceship flew away with its loud mismatched engines, and Ramona and Meva kissed once more as the last of that planet imploded. The evil dude was surely dead now- positively and absolutely. But none of that mattered to the ladies anymore.

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