Sunset Boy
Sunset Boy falling stories
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makturpin Community member
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Sunset Boy

by makturpin

When I look at you, I can't look away.

It's like watching the sunset, so beautiful and bright that you can't look away, because in the blink of an eye it could disappear and suddenly be replaced by the cold dark night.

You always ask me why I'm looking at you, and it's just me falling harder for you, falling in love with every one of your little quirks and habits.

They make up you, and with each passing moment you become more and more perfect in my eyes, and the fear of the cold night is slowly slipping away.

Its replaced instead by the image of laying beside you beneath the stars.

It's no longer needing to see you to believe you're there, merely comforted by your presence and the knowledge that there will be another sunset just as beautiful as the last.

And I gradually lose the fear that you'll disappear.

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