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by makturpin

One small hello, one brief question, and I suddenly believed in love at first sight.

He was around every corner, his voice echoed down every hall. We became best friends.

I told him everything, and he did the same.

I loved him with everything I had, but everything just isn't enough sometimes.

He loved me, too. He loved me for being there for him. He loved me for being myself. And he loved me for loving him.

I loved him in a different way. I loved him in a burning and passionate way. I loved him just because...he didn't need to do anything or say anything, he was just, him.

Five years went by. He found someone to love in the way I love him.

I found someone else, too.

This isn't the love story we all hope for.

It's the lonely kind. The hopeless kind.

It's the only kind of love story I hate most.

The one where the two best friends,

They stay best friends.

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gigigirl14 II WriterII Lover II DreamerII Dancer
4 months agoReply
That was beautiful! Reminds me of my life...

4 months agoReply
The best loves are the ones where the person who you love is also your best friend but sadly life doesn't always turn out that way so happy you found love even if it wasn't the love you were hoping for

4 months agoReply
@mitchel Thank you😊

mitchel"Fight it,take the pain,ignite it"
4 months agoReply
Sad ending😔 But it also has to be a theme, I like your spelling style :)