All I Feel
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All I Feel

by makturpin

Besides a dog, a book is a girls best friend.

It's a new place, a new world far away from where we live.

They have a flaw.

They describe things like, "her joy boiled over as tears poured down her cheeks and laughter escaped her lungs"

"Love shone from her eyes and every pore of her body seemed to ooze with happiness "

"He hugged her and she felt all her pieces fit back together, it was as though the whole world was lifted from her shoulders and the everyone felt the sigh of relief"

"She fell in love the way you understand math: slowly and then all at once"

"She cried and screamed at the moon and the world could hear her heart breaking in two"

The authors fit the words together in a beautiful puzzle, trapping emotion behind bars.

But here I am in real life,

Getting lost in the crowd,

And all I feel is numb.

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