The Prophecy Monster, part 2
The Prophecy Monster, part 2 stories

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“Wow, this is so cool!” Paco exclaimed. The sound of his voice echoed throughout the big room. Anna reached out and touched some of the glitter. “What are these?” Anna asked curiously, pointing to the swirling sparkles which tickled her fingertips.

The Prophecy Monster, part 2

“Wow, this is so cool!” Paco exclaimed. The sound of his voice echoed throughout the big room. Anna reached out and touched some of the glitter.

“What are these?” Anna asked curiously, pointing to the swirling sparkles which tickled her fingertips.

“Each of those are a tiny piece of magic. Both of you need to take some to be able to do the spell,” replied Ezra.

The twins became very excited after hearing that and began scooping up as much glitter as they could.

After collecting as much glitter as they could hold, Paco asked, “What do we do with it now?”

“You eat it!” Ezra guffawed.

“NO WAY! I am not eating this!” Anna yelled.

“It’s the only way to defeat the sea monster,” Ezra said.

“Okay, fine,” Anna sighed. Reluctantly, the siblings shoved all the glitter into their mouths, swallowing it as fast as they could.

It tasted so bad that Paco almost spit it out while Anna covered her mouth to prevent her from vomiting all of it out.

But soon enough, all the glitter had been eaten and the twins were glowing with power.

“It tastes so bad!” Paco choked out. Anna nodded, still covering her mouth with her hand.

“Good job!” Ezra cheered. “I knew you wouldn’t die!”

“WHAT!” the sickened twins yelped.

“Are you trying to kill us or something?” Paco accused.

“Yeah, that was like so bad it tasted like you!” Anna complained.

“EXCUSE ME?!” Ezra spluttered. “It’s not like you look any better with your skinny legs and messy hair! My comb over looks better than Donald Trump’s!”

“That’s not saying much,” Anna muttered.

Ezra looked like he wanted to throw them off a cliff but after a minute, he recovered his suave expression. “Okay,” Ezra took a deep breath. “Now let’s try some trial spells.

First, we’ll try something easy. Try lifting me up with your magic.”

“That’s so hard! We don’t even know how to use magic!” Paco reminded Ezra. Ezra sighed in frustration.

“Seriously? Lifting me up is super easy compared to trapping the sea monster. If you can’t do this, you won’t be able to defeat the sea monster!” Ezra shouted.

“Fine! How do we do it?” Anna asked.

“Channel your magic from the darkest part of your heart, the secrets that have been told, the hate from within, the jealousy, the anger.

Doing this will make your magic darker, stronger, and most importantly, powerful,” Ezra said in a robot voice. The siblings looked at each other, wondering why Ezra was speaking so strangely.

“But isn’t evil a bad thing?” they asked.

Ezra’s said in the same robotic voice. “Of course it is! That’s how you get rid of it and make yourself more pure.”

“Um, I don’t think that’s how it works,” Anna mumbled.

“Just trust me, I know what I’m doing,” Ezra hisses.

“Okay,” the uncertain siblings replied.

They concentrated as hard as they could and soon enough, a waft of smoky black steam came shooting out of their chests and surrounded Ezra, lifting him high up in the air.

“Wow that was fantastic!” Ezra shouted. “How did you do it?”

“We just thought about how annoying your voice is,” Paco grinned.

“WHAT?” Ezra screamed. He calmed himself down so he could talk again. “Fine, if that works for you, then thatś completely FINE!”

The siblings snorted. “You should see the look on your face, you look like you want to kill us!” Anna laughed.

“I really hate mortals like you,” Ezra grumbled.

“Well I hate ugly ‘fat fairies’ like you,” Anna sassed.

“Both of you stop!” Paco interrupted. Ezra and Anna stared at him. “Okay, now can you teach Anna and me the spell to capture the sea monster?”

“Fine,” Ezra huffed. “Basically, you do the same thing as you did when you lifted me up, except this time, say the words, Mominecto Opponetus.”

“Mom infects opponents!” the twins shouted.

“No! You’re saying it wrong, it’s Mominecto Opponetus!” Ezra yelled.

“Mom in something opponents?” Paco asked.

“No, Mominecto Opponetus,” Ezra responded, saying it slowly this time.

“Ohhh, Mominecto Opponetus!” Anna said.

“Mominecto Opponetus!” the siblings chanted.

Suddenly, Ezra’s eyes started glowing and he looked like he woke up from a dream.

“W-What is happening?” But then he heard the twins chanting and his face drained of colour to making his face even more powdery white.

“Wait, don’t do it!” Ezra screamed but it was too late. Smoky dark magic blasted into Ezra and he started to dissolve into a black puddle.

“You fools! You have just released the power of the sea creature!” he blubbered.

“Wait what?” the twins screamed. But it was too late. The formerly known hairy elvis melted before the teenager’s eyes.

The twins looked at each other.

“Uh oh, I think we killed him,” Paco cried.

“Whatever, I don’t even like him anyway,” Anna smirked. Suddenly, the shadow of a huge dark smoky blob began rising out of the puddle and surrounded them, growing larger and larger.

Two glowing red eyes appeared from the darkness.

“Good Job!” the creature hissed. “You have given me more power to destroy this miserable world where I will be the one and only ruler of this world!”

“Wait, what? Why are you here? What happened? Who are you?” Paco asked.

The creature laughed. “You don’t know me? For I have many forms. Many of which you know me as. I possessed your friend Ezra, and I am your enemy the sea monster, who will now triumph over you!”

“You are the sea monster Ezra?” Anna inquired.

“I can’t believe this! You tricked us!” Paco shouted angrily.

“Mominecto Opponetus!” the twins chanted.

The sea monster laughed evilly. “That spell will not work! It will only make me stronger. Besides that, why would you want to kill me?” The sea monster turned into a shadowy form of sad Ezra.

“Please don’t kill me!” Ezra cried in a mournful voice. The siblings faltered and looked at each other nervously.

“You’re right, we can’t kill you,” Paco admitted. Ezra turned back into the sea monster and grinned.

“But I can!” the sea monster roared and shot blasts of magic at them. The teenagers dodged each blast of magic, but they knew they couldn’t do it forever.

Then Anna whispered, “I have an idea! The spell will make the sea monster stronger, right? What if we did it to each other?”

“Oh yeah! That could work! Let’s try it!” Paco shouted.

“Mominecto Opponetus!” the twins yelled.

As a blast of magic shot out and flew towards their chest, they looked at each other fearfully, hoping that the madness of this world would finally come to an end.

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