5 Things Grandma Have Said

5 Things Grandma Have Said buzzfeed stories

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5 Things Grandma Have Said

by Buzzfeed CONTENT MEANT FOR LAUGHTER. DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL!!! Have fun and enjoy. Also, this ain`t about my nana it is based on an article!!!

1: "One day when I was about 14, I was wearing a purple shirt. My grandma turned to me and said, 'The color of that shirt really brings out the pimples on your face.'"

2. "My great-grandmother was arguing with my step-grandpa. He was standing at the top of the stairs, so she looked over at me and said, 'No one will blame the old lady in a wheelchair if I pushed him.'"

3. "I once got a Christmas card from my grandma that said, 'Maybe next year you'll make us proud.'"

4. "When my grandma came to visit for my graduation (after not seeing each other for two years) she said, 'You look much better in your pictures on Facebook.' Thanks, grandma."

5. "My great-grandma was in the hospital, and when she got up to use the bathroom her nurse asked, 'Catherine, do you want help?' My great-grandma said, 'No, I don't need your help. I've been wiping my own pussy for 90 years.'"

Hope yall enjoyed!!!! 20 Likes for part 2.

Respect your grannies K bye

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