to my dearest love,
to my dearest love, i love you stories

makaylai keep cupid on my shoulder. ig:mkylbrc
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it’s only you that i truly crave

to my dearest love,

i just saw you hours before but now i miss you more and more

i promised i wouldn't let you become something just to keep me numb

but my heart has now changed form and it looks like you and now i'm torn

it is true i know love far too well i've been hurt; i've been through hell

but with you the pain runs and hides only to return in powerful tides

i need you more than you need me so just hold me and breathe steadily

the night is long when you go and leave in your absence is when i grieve

you're more than just a passing thought what was life before you? i forgot!

for now i'll try to get some sleep in a bed that smells like you, so sweet

if only i could feel your touch again even if it is all in vain

it's only you that i truly crave these words i say i'll take to my grave.

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