These Are the Best Mornings.
These Are the Best Mornings. i love you stories

makayla i keep cupid on my shoulder. ig:mkylbrc
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we can make this a routine

These Are the Best Mornings.

are you coming over for breakfast? i can make your eggs with the yolk runny

because I know that's your favorite. Is it okay if I call you honey,

...Or if I hold your hand? You just look so handsome this morning

I think I might adore you, and you send my heart soaring.

I made some coffee if you'd like, it's nice and warm and a little bit sweet

Or you can have juice with a little ice it's all the same to me.

Can you come over again? We can make this a routine.

I'll make waffles - blueberry or Belgian? It doesn't matter as long as you're with me.

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