shattered dreams

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makayla i keep cupid on my shoulder. ig:mkylbrc
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the pain — oh, that delightful misery.

shattered dreams

forgetting you is bittersweet

the pain lessens each day

and i wonder why i ever cried

i begin to fall asleep, knowing

i’ll be safe from any dreams of you.

but the pain — oh, that delightful misery —

it’ll never truly leave me alone.

without knowing why, the beach

will forever bring me gloom.

a kiss will never bring satisfaction

no one else can make the room spin

from a simple brush of the lips

waking up next to anyone

that isn’t you makes my world collapse.

“love” will leave my vocabulary

and i’ll cry when the band plays

that ordinary song i used to adore.

i’ll smell that cologne in the air

and follow it ‘til i’m empty-handed.

from the moment i met you,

my chances at living without you

shattered into a million pieces.

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