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makay Lost girl in Neverland
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Her Sea


She wants to breathe

She can no longer control her own waves

She's afraid someone will be swept away into this maze

So she tries her best to push them all away

She's been drowning for so long she lost track of time

All she ever says now is "I'm fine"

Drowning with each word and look

No matter how bad or good

They all turned the same

Her sea became intoxicated and she started to question whether she was sane

She began to suffocate

No matter where she turns all she can now see are plastic and nets

She becomes surrounded each step

Boxed into the place she used to roam free

Now too tired to beg and plead

They either took, hurt or killed everything that kept her alive

Her corals reefs

Her creatures

Her treasure she held on to by every means

They dug it out and left the trash behind

She can only hold so much

Her vast sea no matter how wide it seems isn't limitless

It can only hold enough

Without wanting to she became a villain to the sand

Pushing the nets, trash and plastic out of her hands

The sand did nothing wrong

She did nothing wrong

But they both became victims

All she wanted to do was breath

As the sun starts to glisten on the surface of her sea

she reaches her hand out as the bright spots slowly fade

Her one tear lost in her sea

As she pleaded quietly

"Let me breathe "

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