The Train - Chapter 6 - Ending
The Train - Chapter 6 - Ending scary stories

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Please give feedback! This is the last chapter of the first book, well really a small resolution. The other chapters are longer, whilst this is a small resolution, not super interesting unless you have read the other chapters. Also, I have included links for the other chapters in the comments. Thanks for reading!

The Train - Chapter 6 - Ending


Lily's stop was next, and she was getting slightly nervous. For what reason she didn't know. She could just feel as if she was getting closer.

Closer to what you ask? Closer to it, the thing that brought her here. Well, not exactly the thing that brought her here, but the reason of her being. They brought her here, not it.

But it was why she was here.

Excuse me for a moment but I must describe this to you for you would not have even the slightest grip on the story if you didn't know. The only way to describe It is simply odd.

Well from my perspective at least. For, everyone has a graph of their emotions. So, for me It is odd, and to others, it is strange, or frightening, or even death.

And I do tell you, scientifically It is death. But to me it is simply odd. And this is because it doesn't make sense in the simplest ways but makes the most of sense in its most complicated.

Now at the moment of getting off of the train, I did feel scared, and I did feel of death could be at my door at any moment.

The train had stopped.

Lily stood up, and hurried over to retrieve her luggage from the bench across from hers. After picking it up, she took her ticket out of her pocket and looked at it once more.

Read what it had on it, then it went back into her pocket. She reached for her door, opened it, and stepped outside. She then turned and slid it closed.

Luggage in hand, she walked down the hall, and off the train.

Death is near Lily had thought

To be continued...

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