From Me to You
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majoxmajo A Catastrophically Weird Person
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Reconnecting with a love you never unloved turns out to be well... a bit awkward isn't it?

From Me to You

Hey umn… hi — yeah. Umn…

Hey, do you still think of me? In between the words? In between the pauses before your next sentences?

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do; it’s been so long since I last saw you. The months lasted years.

I see, you cut your hair short… No longer do I see the fringes hanging down your forehead. I guess it’s really been that long.

How’s your pet project doing? It’s something about — what was it again? Ah you look different the last time I saw you.

What was it… Ah! You look even more beautiful. I haven’t changed much — still cheesy as ever. I wonder how much you have.

It’s been so long after all. All the shared memories we never had. Through the pain, misery, and then success — alone.

How are you really? It’s been so long.

I still think of you, in between the commas, in between the dots.

I still see you, everyday, but the you in my thoughts look different.

How are you really? It’s been so long. I still pray everyday that you’re doing okay.

Yeah… umn hey… Umn… thank you — bye.

From Me to You

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