Fixing A Broken Record
Fixing A Broken Record unrequited love stories

majoxmajo A Catastrophically Weird Person
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Love that ended as soon as it began

Fixing A Broken Record

You see You see There's this girl I like this girl I might've liked this girl I don't want to like There's this girl

You see You see the moment I thought I liked her I realized that I didn't want to I

I knew I just knew it was never going to end well

she probably had someone else someone else she liked if not something else something else on her mind a mind falling out of love or a mind falling in love

I was definitely the latter I am definitely the latter but she just might be either

you see you see she's in the same room No no not just the same school a classmate Most times a few seats behind sometimes a few seats across One time, the seat beside each new sem. brings a different kind of distance

I liked her at least I think I did but I believed I didn't I wanted to believe I didn't

you see you see I know now that I did I know now that I liked her

things she told me always a vivid memory things she gave me even if it was just a penny always kept in the back o’ my ID

you see you see I never wanted to see never wanted to see Never wanted to see her As the person I liked As the person I like

you see you see if things didn't go well and at the time I lay my feelings bare she didn't bring with her a mirror or even if even if Even if Even if things went well surely at some point things would go sour

things would be let's just say awkward awkward at most terrible at best terrible at worst

Ugh hnghh I I I just I don’t like I I I I don’t like h… I I I I don’t want to like you But I do

you see you see it's fine It-it-it’s It’s fine even if she doesn't know my feelings it's fine even if I didn't acknowledge my feelings It’s fine

because you see you see I'd rather risk a total of 4 semesters suffering through the pain of inhibition and unaccepted unreliable unrequited love than spend 2 years with awkward group works and the daily unbearable small talk in class

you see I'd rather stay like this liking her, thinking that I liked her but truly thinking I never did knowing her know me no more than what I'd shown her because if trying to succeed may end up in a dual failure, I'd rather end up failing alone Because,

you see There’s this girl I liked this girl I did like this girl I didn’t want to like There was just this girl...

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