The Taste of Something Logical
The Taste of Something Logical logical stories

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Taste doesn’t come with ordinary pleasure. It's when it's dosed with the logical arts onto taste buds, will it truly shine brighter!


The Taste of Something Logical

Logical doesn't have taste. It has circumstance. Only to be tasteful, is to be surrounded by a taste of what gradually makes a self importance greater to yourself.

Proudly underestimating yourself at first. Giving closure to the surrounding areas. Taste has no boundaries here. A made-up friction. A made-up functionality. A dripping faucet without clarity.

Dripping one social taste at any given time. Clarity giving rise to the surrounding areas with logical ingredients. Logical ingredients slapping taste buds without concern for logical praise.

Logical praise that doubts it's understanding of taste buds giving praise to ingredients without concern for how praise will affect it's priorities.

Priorities finishing the diversity of something logical with a taste. The taste buds feeling the diversities finalizing ingredients in their rightful places.

Like shiny white plates on display for the crowd of praises effecting one's own priorities. Teeth whitening the taste buds for greater effect.

Praises finally giving the logical praise the taste it deserves. More surrounding areas include a broader crowd.

A newer logical taste starts to emerge in the practice of ingredients giving logical praise to the logical priorities that govern it so.

Praise from newer surroundings influencing more ingredients in the form of logical taste.

More taste buds start feeling the diversities in the praise which salivates the practice of logical assessments. A reverse act giving rise to a simplified logical taste without boundaries.

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