Tasting pleasure is not my fault!
Tasting pleasure is not my fault! curse stories

majorityone Just a weirdo!
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Curses define pleasures, whilst curses than redefine those very pleasures like an epidemic!
PS... I hope such conclusions force you to realize what's become of you?!

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Tasting pleasure is not my fault!

Tasting pleasure is not my fault for one reason, and one reason...ONLY...! I am ecstasy itself! Ecstasy that is not within my own choice to choose from.

I merely tether my own choice towards the pleasure I hope to tether towards my ecstasy as tasting it with pride. That's why I tend to fail sometimes when knowing it's my fault for who I am...

But fail (all the same) to see through the lies of my very delusions tell me so, simply! I'm a failure to my own structural design!

As I'm also a failure to my own choices among the same decision-making my actions enforce. As I'm not going to lie about such things, but...

I don't truly want to taste the pleasures my own inner "ecstasy" demons want from me! They want to mutually suck me dry!

Only for myself to last long enough by the hand that want's to be free of them...

ALL! I want them to stay and torment me for the pleasure of such tastes! I want to devour my own inner "ecstasy" demons...for I HATE what I've become.

(Triggering forevermore something I could NEVER control!) Not to mention the torment I pose upon myself and those very demons!

I want respect where respect can't (ever again) be given, when I've eaten myself up long ago!

This simple passage is a given guilt upon the makings of an apology that I could come to grips about getting it out there into the BIG BAD open world!

Who would come to appreciate my suffering (first and foremost)? A curse that will spread like wildfire! Where in time...

the whole world could forgive me for what I've done to myself, and to others.

Since what this passage reeks of, is the after-effect of the incident that is clearly behind the scenes doing GOD KNOWS WHAT!

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