My Voice Box Is A Mouthpiece For Writing
My Voice Box Is A Mouthpiece For Writing voice stories

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Voice boxes are treasure troves full of binary language of there own. Words funded by the cords connected by the brains senses to interpret proudly. What is your language? And how does one write that language down?

My Voice Box Is A Mouthpiece For Writing

My voice box is without equality. Especially when it's never designed to structure peace without logic filling in the rumbled gaps.

Gaps full of peace and central thoughts mucking up too many interpretations on how to develop the central pieces trying to determine what is, and how it's done?

Voice box being tethered cords situated toward the brain's primary accuracy, and performance majors.

Cords being interpreted by thoughts on a wild whim full of constant nagging! Nagging never determining what thoughts go with who. Trying to write this down is miraculously dissolving.

Why is it miraculously dissolving? Because everything isn't what it seems when cords producing sound, commits before you write even a smidge down on a platform of plot.

A platform of plot thoughtless without thoughts. The mouth piece isn't performing, until those thoughts become presentable to the cords enabling sound.

Maximizing the form of words on the platform of plot. Giving credence with peace that invokes time and pressure to a well-suited promise.

A promise that infuses the logic of desires prompting fissures of premature sound getting caught up in the words not making sense in its realization.

Realizations cut short from thoughts never enabling a sound proof system to its setup. Writing on the platform of plot becomes too justifiable.

Yet premature sound interpreting the earlier pattern of your own thoughts taking effect for the very first time. Allowing words to become somewhat presentable in its own claim.

Diverse a newly formed respect for your own components charging up the messages received by the cords charging up sound. Voicing opinions and options on the platform of plot.

The options also allow one to peek at the hints for the writing on the platform of plot. The opinions however, allow one to judge if it's what they've always wanted to include. If not...

Try adding something different for a change. A style of writing which maximizes mouth piece. Will become a trade-off of nonsense giving you piece.

Nonsense being the smallest level, which brings all the pressure down to the lowest peak. Settling until one focus is prompted by another focus and so on.

Charging up, until every piece of information is well suited for either filtering out. Or correcting itself through thoughts filtering it out. Finalizing the standards onto the platform of plot.

Revolutionizing a newer perception for thought versus focus. What happened before the lowest peak circulated the settlement period before activation? Easy.

Sifting through all what could have been? And how it could have been done? Now think for a strict moment, before giving me your newly respectable answer?

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