The Father (Hope)
The Father (Hope) hope stories

majorasmadelineThink deep, but don't sink.
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"You'll see him on weekends," Is all that she said

The Father (Hope)

"You'll see him on weekends,"

Is all that she said

She's using his child to get in his head

Though the loss of his child makes him wish we were dead

He'll use those dark feelings to bring change instead

A flicker of hope is how he survives

The promise of freedom could change both their lives

The pain that torments him, his sorrow and strife

Could all fade away when the truth comes to light

His truth was a concept, too hard to explain

So he turns to his God to relinquish his pain

There's nothing to lose, and the whole world to gain

His country, his world, says, "your prayers are in vein."

This is the struggle no parent should face

He's got strangers putting him back in his place

Though fighting this fight has him down for a while,

There can only be hope for this father and child.

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