Feelings told through poems.
Feelings told through poems. poetryslam stories

mairead Cat lover and literature enthusiast
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These are all pieces of poetry (that are made into a somewhat cohesive story of a persons relationship with another) that I wrote during my senior year and I think that they deserve to see the light of day, I can not thank you enough if you read this.

Feelings told through poems.

by mairead

These poems were written during my favorite class.

I took a high school class called student authors seminar which supported love for literature and gave students free time to explore their own writing styles. I focused on poetry and prose.

Your wickedness is a sword,

And my naivety took it by the hilt and plunged it into the chest that was hollowed out by your hands. The cold silver glinting with a taunt, a beckoning, to push the sword further in.

In towards the heart that never beats. In towards the heart that's no longer there.

Your love for me is a pen,

Carving cursive letters into my brain and upon my skin. Sweet and syrupy, they coat the inside of my chest.

Filling the hollow space with roses and carrying away the darkness that had set into place.

Your sadness is a natural disaster.

Leaving me torn and broken in its wake. It leaves nothing untouched. The windows of our souls leak and spill, reflecting one another's.

Your happiness is melody.

It puts a pleasant weight on me and my chest caves in and deepens to make room for your smile. And my ears tune themselves to catch the sound of your laughter.

Akin to bells in the wind, Light and airy.

Your doubt is decay.

Fogging up and taking space in my mind that could be used for a better purpose. Shrouding my thoughts, it causes me self-inflicted pain. My brain turning black in spots from underuse.

Your shame is smoke.

Curling around your discomfort and mine, It leaves a sheer layer of soot. Trying to wipe it away only leaves smudges and a ruined façade behind.

Your pride is a dragon

Standing atop a castle that crumbles underfoot; The foundation far too brittle to hold Such an enormous weight. Rocks and dust fall from above my head,

I was left to be crushed along with stone walls, An empty husk of what had been.

Your deceit is ice

and it freezes my body to the core. My fingers and hands become numb and immobile; I’m no longer able to reach out to you. My heart’s temperature plummets

and sharp pieces of ice begin to protrude. Breaking off into my blood they become icebergs that coagulate and block my veins and arteries. They slowly kill me from within.

You're jealousy is a lush forest.

Transparent and unseen in the day Dark and enigmatic in the night. Shadows come alive and grasp at my ankles, Their fingers holding so highly that I bruise.

Tripping and tumbling, my body suffers from lacerations, The thorns and sharp rocks cut into my belief that you are what you used to be.

Your innocence is a ripped safety blanket,

a false sense of security. Your words laced with promises that will never be fulfilled. Lies concealed by your lips, Truth expressed through you eyes. I didn't know that love was this cruel.

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