What Makes a Dad?
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I wrote this poem for my dad for Christmas. I tried to include every special piece of him here. But that's impossible. Love you Dad.

What Makes a Dad?

Anyone can be a father, but how about a dad?

A man who's around for the good and the bad

A dad's a pillar of strength, and inspiration,

He's strict and protective and unafraid to show affection.

A girl's dad is her first impression of what a man should be,

He can build up or destroy his girl's self esteem

I have a dad who has always taken his job seriously,

From the moment I was born, he's loved me unconditionally.

He's guided and encouraged me over all of life's bumps,

Some fathers are all talk, but mine showed up.

He never missed a school conference or talent show,

Rushing straight from the airport with bags in tow.

Still dressed in his suit, at the back door without a chair

I felt so important, so proud he was there.

These are the acts that build self esteem.

They showed me I was of value, a priority, I was seen.

He was outnumbered at home, had three girls who got his wit

He taught us to challenge, but he may have regretted it

I was especially moody, full of doom and gloom,

"How was your day?" "Get out of my room!"

As my body grew crooked, my dad wanted to fix it

He never wanted his child to feel like a misfit.

He'd have switched places with me in a second, he'd take on the pain,

He'd lift heaven and earth to make sure I never hurt again.

Seeing his child suffer, must have terrified him inside

But he never showed it, just hugged me while I cried.

He taught me to look beyond the troubles of today

"It's a blip on the screen," is what he would say.

He's the dad everyone wishes was theirs,

He shows genuine interest, because he actually cares

A voice of reason to relatives, giving support without end.

Even explaining a breakup to his daughter's ex-boyfriend

He made sure I knew the world was bigger than me

I tagged along on business trips to city after city.

He insisted I have the opportunity to travel far from home

He opened my eyes to human experience all over the globe.

He believes the window of life experience is half closed or half open

He's encouraged me to open it wide and see what could happen.

He loves to strike up conversations with people he doesn't know

He used to embarrass me, but now I enjoy the show

When I left home for good, it must have been heavy,

But he never let me know it, just assured me I was ready.

Advice without judgment, always available to take my call,

Guidance with humor, wisdom thread through it all.

When he walked me down the aisle,

I felt that old familiar pride

To be arm in arm with a dad like mine.

He handed me off, but didn't give me away.

I'll always be his little girl forever and a day.

He taught me how to love, and keep an open mind

To see people for who they are, to be brave and kind.

To demand respect and follow The Golden Rule

To appreciate nature and do cannonballs in the pool.

Bribing me with M&Ms on a hike, teaching me how to ride a bike,

My dad, my anchor, always wanted me to know,

You're here to live boldly and, "Go for the Gusto"

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