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How many times has technology made things harder, rather than easier?

By: Lisa Mailliard


Groundbreaking innovation is what we strive for.

We make things better and faster, always wanting more.

But, have you ever noticed sometimes these inventions,

that are meant to make life easier,

can be a huge source of tension?

You open your new computer and are ready to play,

but after downloading software and configuration,

you've lost three days.

Or you're trying to make a call to your friend,

and the call gets dropped before you're ready for it to end.

Or you use Facetime or What's App to see your cousin's new baby,

but spend 45 minutes with her face frozen repeating, "Hello, can you hear me?"

Or when you go to a restaurant and you see a family of four,

with their eyes glued to their screens, communicating no more.

How about when you make the toughest password without a doubt,

but now it won't work after 12 attempts and it's keeping YOU out.

Don't get me wrong, technology has its perks.

Being able to send text messages, rather than calling is a lot less work.

Caller ID also has my vote,

You can choose who you want to talk to, and ignore those you don't.

You never have to worry about where you kids might be,

you can track their every move with Life360.

Facebook, Instagram, there's an app for everything.

Weight loss, Candy Crush, Nextdoor, and the Ring.

You never have to leave your house, with electronic ways to pay.

You can order six pairs of boots, or a car that will be delivered the next day.

There's nowhere unmonitored, we can even watch a crime.

Endless, mindless ways to waste precious time.

You could say, technology is a blessing and a curse.

We're stuck with this new world, for better or worse.

We've come a long way from the day those guys showed us how to fly.

I could go on,

but my battery is about to die.

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