Medusa + snakes = the cursed one
Medusa + snakes = the cursed one commafulonimansioncontest stories

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Medusa + snakes = the cursed one

Medusa was never good. She always spreaded disasters, damages and all bad things. Noone ever crossed her path without negative consequences.

And everyone knew it was better to keep their distance. But there's one, even more powerful than her, who didn't and end up cursing her. Some may wonder if an Oni can be cursed.

The answer is yes. And that's the whole beginning of the actual life of Medusa. It's also what gave her the snakes.

A curse or a gift, since the snakes make her even stronger than before? As time passed by, she became the worst. The vengeful grief she still has can cause a lot more disasters.

She has no mercy. At least if you have something powerful to give in return. If you catch her interest and have a topic to keep the talk going on, she might give you a chance.

But intelligent, deceptive and manipulative, a pact with the devil is the best way to describe her. You might be smart, but will you be smarter than her?

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