The Simple things in Life.
The Simple things in Life. stories

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Sometimes you let things like these just pass by. Petting a pet, Sometimes it's just a habit and sometimes you never realize how truly beautiful it is.

The Simple things in Life.

Some things in life seem so small. Like hugging a friend or Petting an animal. But those things should be more special in a way. And I don't mean to freak you out but the should be more special because one day we're not going to be able to do that anymore. And one day we won't even be remembered anymore. The little things in life should be some of the biggest.

Even taking a walk. You get a break from being stressed, your mind is free, and there are so many things you could find. Just having your mind out and free to think about the good things in life can be one of the best things. When I go for walks I tend to think of random things like how I'm going to grow up and who I'm still going to have in my life when I do. It feels good to get away from Drama.

Sometimes life can be absolute chaos but I assure you, you're probably not going to even remember that day in a year. What you can do to calm down is to read a book or do an outside activity. But sometimes it doesn't matter what you do 'cause it can be so stressful. But when you're in that state of mind it can be distracting and you don't really know what you're doing. You don't notice the little things.

The little things can turn someones day around. Like even a Hi or if you're a good friend a hug or an I love you could do the trick. But all I really want in this world is for people to understand that others can be going through a tough time and sometimes can be slowly breaking down so all I ask is that people are nice to each other.

There is no point in being mean to someone because it's just going to come right back to you. Even the little things you say in a day or even shoot a quick smile at somebody. It feels good. The little things in life can be amazing. Sometimes you just have to think about what you're doing to notice how truthfully beautiful some of these things can be.


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