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Social Media

By: Nandini Das

__Social Media_____________

by Nandini Das

We live in a time and age where information is just a button press away. We are swayed by information all around us.

We millennials want to know, read, understand and then speak our minds about it. That is where social media comes into play.

Social media is one of the biggest elements that we live with and cannot ignore it.

Social media is a collection of websites,applications and other platforms that enable us to share or create content and also helps us to participate in social networking.

Social media is not limited to blogging and sharing pictures, there are lots of strong tools also that social media provides.

That is because that the impact of social media is very high and for reaching. It can make or break images.

But we should always remember that social media should be used in a limit. It doesn't mean that we will be busy with our phones all the time. We should also be careful about yourself.

Our photos can go viral which we give out in Facebook or instagram. We better keep that in mind also. It also has many disadvantages on our brain as well as advantages.

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