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maharislife Community member
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To all those who struggle with confidence... Remember you are so beautiful

Real beauty

We look at models flawless and thin, walking down the runway and we look at ourselves with disgust. We don't see stretch marks on the front of magazines. We see tanned and toned legs.

Bumpless faces not marred by acne. Long wavy hair. Beautiful faces... And we are left wondering why we couldn't look like that.

We are women...

We try to stand on our own two feet and tell ourselves that we are beautiful but the constant pressure from the media makes it hard to believe in ourselves.

The more confident we get, the more the world loses sight of what real beauty is.

We have a message for the world. Leave the stretch marks untouched, they are natural tattoos, leave the acne, people around the world struggle with it. Don't cover the scars, they tell a story.

To all those who struggle with these things... You're not alone You are beautiful.

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