Psycho love -part 4- ||Seulrene|| Red velvet FF
Psycho love -part 4- ||Seulrene|| Red velvet FF seulrene stories

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Psycho love -part 4- ||Seulrene|| Red velvet FF

Though she turned weak, she still hardly fought her way to her desk, squinted at the sharp open window as her eyes adjusted to the radiated sunshine. ...

Her dry skinny hand reached for her pen, positioned it between her bonny fingers. She felt the hidden energy. Her headache was throwing random words at her, pressuring her skull more and more. A tickle made her move. Take a turn around to see what was happening. ...

"What do you want, I should write!" annoyed by the nameless goddess. The little monster lingered, staring at the writer which disturbed her even more. "Can't you just leave me alone!" Irene shouted. ...

"I'm afraid I can't" she answered the infuriated lady. She threw everything off her desk, but the dropping and the breaking didn't shake her lover. ...

She felt sick, obsessed, and buried. The strange woman was killing her slowly. The worst thing was that she liked it. She always wished for a tragic story, and she was finally living it but yet, not sure that she might survive it. ...

"Why can't I touch you whenever I like? Why I have to wait for you every time? You're close and far, and it's driving me crazy when I see or feel you" she broke down. For the first time, her face was no longer expressionless, it clothed by a camouflage of Irene's choice that made her more stable. ...

"I'm what you want me to be, I'm in your mind and heart" She froze from her place as the goddess was right. She made her, that was a fact she didn't want to remember for that instant.

And I wish for another monster era. Hi, hope you're fine and that you liked this part. I told you; it was gonna be soon. Well, if you're curious, don't wait for the next part, hehe. BYE, LUV U<3

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