My prince ||part14|| Renhyuck //NCT FF
My prince ||part14|| Renhyuck //NCT FF  nct stories

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Haechan is a college dropout because he lacks financial support, his co-workers make fun of the fact that he's still a virgin and single at his age.
He's too bored with his usual life and their infinite silly jokes, and he would do anything to prove them wrong.
He met an arrogant guy with unbearable behaviors, he might seem unlikable, let's see!

My prince ||part14|| Renhyuck //NCT FF

I have to make a whole background check-up on my boyfriend in order to know his hometown, more precisely the address, to go there, to meet his mom, and to understand what is happening.

The staff is really quick with this kind of stuff. They handed me a file, but what I was interested in was a little piece of paper where the address was written.

I'll take the car and drive there by myself. It's a secret that nobody should know about, even Haechan; he would be mad since I interfered in his personal matter.

* Kids of the neighbor kept running after him, touching the edges of the car, waving to him, and chanting "rich guy, rich guy... rich guy!". He got to his destination. He was afraid, somehow intimated for the first time in his life because it was his first time meeting a boyfriend's parents.

He said to himself, it won't go well, he could feel it within himself. He knows people rarely like him; he's arrogant and unbearable, that's his nature, but he was ready to fight it for his Haechannie.

"Hmm, who are you!" A teenager opened the door. He wasn't pleased by the newcomer. "Hi, is your mom here?" Renjun looked up, as he was shorter than the teenager. "Moooom! The is someone looking for yah!" Jisung shouted. The lady showed up at the front door. *

"Excuse me, who are you?" "I'm Haechan's friend!" "Oh! Okay! Come inside, son!" I sit on the carpet, and she did too. She smiled at me.

"So, you're Haechan's friend... hmm, how was he? Is he still mad at me?" She sounded concerned. "No! He would never do that." I nodded. "I actually asked him for money for Jisung, and I think I got too far. See, he actually had a hard life and I've been harsh on him lately."

"That's why I love him!" I smiled, thinking of him. "You love him? And why you're smiling like that?" She wondered in a very interrogative way. "We're actually dating."

"What!... what!" She screamed. Her reaction flipped to rage suddenly. At that moment, I realized I ruined things up.

"Get out, get out now faggit!" I was hurt by that word she used, and before I lost control of my tears, I left. How could she not accept us? Just because of our sexual orientation. She was nice to me a few seconds ago!

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