Maria ~ part 2 ~
Maria ~ part 2 ~ maria stories

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Maria ~ part 2 ~

Maria thought of it as a charmingly shameless move , she didn't want to give him the wrong idea about her , at least she would avoid the interminable ailments of the other pea-stick figure ladies but she was too nice to be embittered .....

she didn't shake his hand and with a squishy voice , she pronounced her name , he didn't feel awkward at all since it was all worth it , he scoffed " so Maria , wanna grab a cop of coffee maybe ?" , his eyes were rambling .....

he was touching his thick hair , yet no delicate as the other Asian guys and then she seeped away from him , he was disappointed but she turned with a smile upon her face and shouted " Leo , my number is ********* , call me some other time !" .....

he was too excited and agitated as he couldn't get her out of his mind , her long hair cascading on her gentle bear shoulders and bouncing with her movements and the wind , it was the perfect interaction that he has ever seen .....

he decided to call her at night , so he wont be called an insensitive , curious guy that he wished to be and after a long waiting , he laid on his bed and leaned to his phone , he dilled the costly number ....

-" Hi !" -" Leo ? " -" yes , Maria !" -" it's really nice hearing from you " -" thank you " -" so Leo ?!" -" how about we set a date for us ?" -" yeah , I'm free all the time " -" great , tomorrow at 7 pm where we exactly have met for the first time "

-"okey !" he jumped off his bed and whisper " yeees !" ,I guess to cheer himself -" Leo , Leo ? Where have you been ?! , I think I heard something there " -" oh , it was nothing " -" Leo , gotta go , see yah tomorrow !" -" yeah see yah , seniorita Maria " -" okeeey "

he turned off the call but he couldn't stop feeling embarrassed , he critically asked himself " seniorita Maria , really Leo ?!" and then he realized that he was going to a date with her , he seemed to not care a straw about his foolishness anymore .

So who's her killer ? Is he Leo ? , but Leo seemed so sweet and Maria liked him too . many questions but the answer is unexpected , I guarantee that haha , if you wanna know , don't wait for the next part that it would be the last one by the way , I'm just kidding :P Thank you for reading this one STAY SAFE GOODBYE !

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