Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 2 )
Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 2 )  thriller stories

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Is Natalia crazy ? ( part 2 )

Natalia was in her kitchen holding her medium size cutting knife , her hands were shaking as one of them were looking at her sitting on an empty chair facing her , she kept telling herself " it's nothing ... I see nothing ! " ....

her little daughter came to her in a jerk , she uttered with her soft twelve years old voice " Mother , when are they going to leave ? " , Natalia was confused , she asked herself " they ? " ......

she needed clarification as she couldn't figure it out by her own even though she tried to be logical since deep down , she was inclined to the belief that Lydia could see them too so she wondered out loud " They ? What do you mean , sweety ? " " the ugly strangers , they are very bad "....

Natalia was speechless , she felt the guilt of happiness but she was more perceived by her miserable condition and she was somehow proud of her little girl as she was strangely fearless , Natalia hoped if she could be like her ......

she hugged her , she was consequently tapping on her back to reassure her and then she whispered in her weak ears so they couldn't hear her " they gonna leave soon " , she backed off a little , she bended on her knees so she would be the same height as Lydia....

" don't worry sweety , stay normal !" touching Lydia's cheeks , she smiled at her mother as she felt more motivated , she was ready to play the day as any child at her age ....

Huge snakes without their heads and their blue blood in lustre , a women topless , half burned half skin off , the smoke wending off her dissipated crunchy bones , her black dust has never fell on the floor as if she was cursed and everything was twirling in an endless circle for her ......

or maybe for every dead creature floating with no simple purpose , a man with no eyes and a gigantic pointy nose , invisible mouth and a mysterious lips , a girl with hideous little head , goggle eyes as if they were going to pop out at any moment and a waved green skin like an alien old lady .....

her clothes were black which made her point even clearer , she's a rebellious teenager ghost , in fact they were a family and the war against them wouldn't be easy at all .

So what she's going to do to get them out ? Is she going to win the war ? what about the other members of the family ? Are they going to see them soon or at least believe Lydia ? Wanna know ? , don 't wait for the next part , just kidding :P I want to tell you that we're still at the beginning of the good stuff sTaY SaFe ! GOODBYE <3

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